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Reiki Massage Sydney

A reiki massage in Sydney is an experience many people would love to have. Unfortunately, there have been doubts about its benefits in the past few years. But this type of alternative healing is slowly taking over the country by storm. More and more Australians are looking for Reiki Massage to heal them not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. 

Before Reiki Massage, there’s Reiki Healing. They are two different types of therapies but gives similar benefits to our overall health. Reiki, most of the type, does not involve any physical interaction with the client. Most experts refer to it as a non-manipulative session. By placing their hand on top of a certain part of your body, their energy enables you to relax. 

Let’s explore the fusion of reiki healing and massage to uncover why Reiki Massage in Sydney has become such a cherished treatment. Here are five compelling reasons to give it a try, and don’t overlook the option to experience our Reiki Energy Healing Oil Massage by clicking the button below.

Most experts refer to it as a non-manipulative session. By placing their hand on top of a certain part of your body, their energy enables you to relax. 

1. Power of Spiritual Energy

Only special people can heal using spiritual energy. That’s why if you find a day spa in Sydney with credible Reiki therapists, then grab the opportunity to book your appointment. At Zen Day Spa, we have one with a credible background as she was born and raised in Japan with a Reiki experience. She still has the healing touch as to this day – ready to help you feel better. 

When people feel spiritual energy taking over their bodies, they feel more relaxed. All the possible negative energy inside their body is slowly going away. You might even forget all the anxiety that has been taking over your mind because of the healing touch. Match it with a massage afterward, you’ll feel nothing but your best self moving forward in life.

2. Even The Practitioner Receives a Session

It’s not all about the client when it comes to reiki massage. In most cases, the practitioners receive their session while they facilitate healing. As they guide the energy into your body, they also feel the benefits of the healing process spiritually. It’s like a “give and take” relationship when both will feel better after the much-needed treatment. 

3. The Relief to a Stressful Life

Every Australian have different daily experiences. Some good, some bad, but at the end of the day, our bodies take up all the stress slowly. You’ll not even notice how stressful you are until you feel the aches and pains in your body. For some, it affects them mentally and results in anxiety. If you encounter, we usually find the nearest day spa and book your preferred treatments. 

When you book our Reiki Energy Healing treatment, the stress level in your life will decrease. Even if you don’t feel sick, you will receive the inner peace that you need. A feeling that will help you move on and face life with a positive outlook. 

4. Perfect Combination: Reiki Healing and Massage

Nothing beats the combination of spiritual healing with a massage treatment. It’s like getting all the must-have things if you want to improve your well-being. This is the reason why Reiki Massage in Sydney is slowly getting the attention it deserves. People want not just a relaxed body and mind, but a spirit free of blocks and negative energy. 


If you are in the hunt for a Sydney day spa that offers a reiki massage. There’s one in Potts Point that can help you get one. Starting in September 2020, Zen Day Spa adds another treatment every new and loyal client will love. We back it up with a reliable and experienced reiki therapist that will make your experience unforgettable. She will help create an environment of comfort and support, where people can release their worries or fears.

5. Overwhelming Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Benefits

Living in a busy city and country, what we all need is a treatment that can give us the fuel to face life. Having a reiki massage will shower you different kinds of benefits. For the physical aspect, your body will feel better after the treatment. The massage aspect will relieve the tension in your body, which helps to evade possible recurring injuries. 

Mental issues are prevalent today and reiki massage can help you solve that. It can restore the calmness to a stressful mind. When your body becomes still and tense, that’s a sign that you are stressed. If you want to function well with a free mind and less anxiety, having a reiki massage is a good treatment to have. 

Since Reiki is an alternative form of therapy guided life force energy, expect some emotional and spiritual benefits. Some people are still emotional because of the sudden passing of their loved ones. They trust the reiki therapist to help them get over the emotional pain they are experiencing. The power they have when they transfer the energy enables the patient to feel everything is going into the right place. These kinds of experiences will also help them spiritually because it allows them to trust the process of healing. It allows them to feel God’s wisdom through the practitioners, which results in a significant improvement to their total well-being. 

Time To Get a Reiki Massage in Sydney

If you are living or working in Sydney, take some time to have a Reiki massage. Many day spas offer this treatment but what makes ours special is our therapist. Born and raised in Japan, she has the family background and energy that will heal you not spiritually. Aside from that, she is also a licensed therapist, which makes our Reiki Energy Healing promo the perfect treatment. Expect to feel the benefits after you avail of this new offering starting September 2020. You can call us at 02 9361 4200 or email [email protected] to book your appointment.

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