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Couples Massage

Couples Massage in Sydney at Zen Day Spa

Couples Massage in Sydney is an experience you shouldn’t miss. With its growing popularity, having this treatment with the love of your life will only strengthen your relationship. If the plan is to be with a friend or a relative, having a couples massage in Sydney is the perfect time to reconnect with them. 

Zen Day Spa is located in Potts Point. If you are in the area or anywhere, asking where the couples massage places near me will you to us. Your favorite day spa in Sydney has massage rooms with a tranquil ambiance ready to elevate your pampering experience. Furthermore, we have skilled therapists you can count on to restore your physical and mental health

What Type of Massage is best for couples?

Achieve your ultimate relaxation with these massage treatments in our couples massage packages. Whatever you choose from the list below, we guarantee nothing but the best results. The best types of couples are hot oil massage, head and scalp massage, aromatherapy massage, and relaxation massage. Check out our couples day spa packages below:


60 Minutes Couples Hot Oil Massage
15 Minutes Head & Scalp Massage

$285  for two | 1 HR 15 MIN


45 Minutes Couples Hot Oil Massage
45 Minutes Skin Refining Facial 

$335  for two | 1 HR 30 MIN


75 Minutes Couples Aromatherapy Massage
30 Minutes Express Facial

$375  for two | 1 HR 45 MIN


30 Minutes Aromatic Sea Salts Body Scrub
30 Minutes Moisturizing Yogurt Body Mask
60 Minutes Couples Relaxation Massage 

$405  for two | 2 HRS

What can I expect from a Couples Massage?

Imagine a normal massage treatment but you and your partner will be in the same room with different therapists. That’s the usual scene in a couples massage, where both will be in a private room on side-by-side massage tables.

As a shared experience, here at Zen Day Spa assures both will have the time of their lives. Whether you are with your partner, relative, or friend, the couples massage process will be no different. You will get the privacy you need. Our therapists will make sure to adjust to your requests, whether it is the amount of pressure or the kind of scent you want in the room.

Why Choose our Couples Day Spa Packages?

Our couples day spa packages have been an instant hit with our valued clients. They love the combination of massage, facial and body treatments included in the packages. Your most trusted Sydney day spa credits the brilliant minds of our team for coming up with those combinations. 

You can choose from our four couples day spa packages. They are Lovers Recharge, Lovers Relax, Lovers Rejuvenation, and Lovers Retreat. They will include two or more of these treatments:

  • Couples Hot Oil Massage
  • Head & Scalp Massage
  • Skin Refining Facial 
  • Couples Aromatherapy Massage
  • Express Facial
  • Aromatic Sea Salts Body Scrub
  • Moisturizing Yogurt Body Mask
  • Couples Relaxation Massage 

If you want to customize anything, feel free to communicate with our team. We will do our best to come up with the combination you prefer as a couples day spa package.. 

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Is couples massage a good date idea?

A couples massage is a good date idea because it is different from your usual activities. There’s nothing more romantic than being with your special someone in a private room, enjoying a massage and facial treatments. Experiences like these will take your relationship to a new level because of the benefits you’ll receive. And that includes the most significant, removal of stress, which we need to have better mental health. We suggest having this before having your dinner.

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Benefits of Couples Massage

Having someone with you during a pampering treatment is sure to be unforgettable.  If you wish to have a couples massage soon, its list of benefits will inspire you more. Here are some of them that can convince you to book a couples massage in Sydney:

1. Fresh Shared Experience

Have a massage or any other body treatment is a dream for many Australians. What more if you are with someone you love. You’ll both leave the day spa with a smile on your face. A couple can consider this a fresh shared experience because it’s not a typical date scenario.

2. Re-Connection and Quality Time

Are you experiencing a dip in your relationship lately? How about interaction with other loved ones or friends? Having a couples massage can help you reconnect. You will have that needed quality time together while feeling the benefits of the body treatments. You’ll go out of the day spa feeling renewed and with a better sense of belongingness.  

3. Lower Stress and Anxiety

One of the best benefits of massage is it lessens stress and anxiety. Imagine being with the person you love during your favorite pampering treatment? It will strengthen your relationship because both can feel all the negative energy leaving your body. If you have doubts about booking your desired couples day spa package, erase the thoughts and call us now.

4. It Encourages Intimacy and Affection

Having a couples massage can guarantee a pleasant experience. Being with your significant other can just spark intimacy and affection. The thought of knowing it’s just the two of you (aside from the therapists) in the room can mean you are comfortable with each other. It reflects nothing but love and respect. Expect better things in your relationship after experiencing our spa treatments together. 

Couples Massage and Day Spa Packages as Gift Voucher


The element of surprise can make a relationship last forever – a good surprise that is! Why not do that by converting our couples massage and couples day spa packages into a gift voucher. Just inform our team about it, and we will do it for you. An overwhelming amount of joy can happen after knowing that he or she is with you in this pampering journey. 

Book Your Couples Massage in Sydney Today!

Experience the best couples massage in Sydney with Zen Day Spa! Coordinate with our team to avail of our couples day spa packages. One more reason to book is that we are Covid 19 free. We follow strict sanitation measures to make sure everything is free of the virus.

If you happen to be in Potts Point, you can book personally by talking to our spa concierge team. Aside from couples massage, we also offer facial and body treatments you will enjoy. We hope to see you soon celebrate something special at Zen Day Spa! 

* Some conditions are not suitable for massage therapies. Please speak to your doctor about any health concerns you may have before making an appointment.

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