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Relaxation Massage Promo

Get into our relaxation massage promo and experience one of our best day spa treatments. If you are looking for a relaxation massage nearby, our Potts Point day spa is waiting for you! We know how much you value your physical and mental health. That’s why we made sure here at Zen Day Spa to offer a discount for this treatment. It’s time to say goodbye to the stress in your body by availing of our relaxation massage promo. 

Important Details

  • Spa Treatment: Relaxation Massage
  • Price: $78
  • Availability: Monday to Thursday
  • Time: 10am to 3pm

What Is The Most Relaxing Type of Massage?

The most relaxing type of massage will depend from person to person. Some people find treatments with softer strokes as the most relaxing ones – like Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy Massage. Others feel more at ease with the harder ones like Deep Tissue Massage and Remedial Massage.

If you prefer long, smooth, gliding strokes, a relaxation massage is for you! The pressure will be deeply relaxing but not painful, making your experience even more unforgettable. Some benefits of relaxation massage include: reduce muscle tension, improves sleep, and relieves shoulder, back, and neck pain. 

Why Choose our Relaxation Massage Promo?

You can find the best Sydney relaxation massage at Zen Day Spa. We have licensed and skilled therapists who can take care of your needs. You can inform them beforehand how they will execute the relaxation massage. If you have more sensitive body parts, they will make sure to avoid them. During the treatment, you can inform them if you also want to adjust the pressure. They are friendly and polite, and we are sure you’ll not have any problems. 

A discounted offer will always be a hit among customers. You’ll never regret booking our relaxation massage promo because of its overflowing benefits to your well-being. For only $78, you can experience one of the best spa experiences of your life. Not to mention the relaxing massage music you will hear during the treatment. 

Terms & Conditions:

– Valid until 2nd December 2021
– Advanced booking is required. Any cancellation has to be made 24 hours in advance
– You cannot use this promotion in conjunction with any other promotions, gift vouchers and coupons
– In case of dispute, Zen Day Spa reserves the right to a final decision

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