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Have you encountered facing the mirror one day and noticed how bad your skin is? Then suddenly asked yourself, why did I focus too much on facial treatments when having a body treatment is as important.

These realisations are common especially in Sydney, Australia where the weather these days are to the extremes. And guess which body organ is suffering? The skin.

It’s time to convince yourself and have a body scrub at your favourite day spa. Before the actual treatment, the client will receive an orientation from the therapist about what is going to happen. When everything is clear, you’ll be advised to strip off your clothes and lie down comfortably. Your body will be exfoliated section by section, then get rinsed to wash away the dead skin cells and get moisturised leaving your skin velvety smooth.

What is Body Scrub?

Body Scrub is known to be the “facial for your body” as it boasts similar benefits. The goal of this body treatment is to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, leaving the area soft, radiant, and healthy. Your skin will receive a treatment using a variety of nutrient-rich products.

Your therapist can use sea salt scrub, sugar scrub or coffee scrub, together with a soothing massage that can lead your whole body to the peak of extreme relaxation. The treatment ends with an application of aromatic lotion, oil or cream, which results in youthful and elastic skin texture. 

Before the body scrub, you should talk to your esthetician or therapist especially if certain spots are more sensitive. Be vocal about the kind of pressure your want during the body treatment, some clients prefer a firmer application while others like it lighter. A recommendable day spa should require this and have customised treatment combinations for their clients to enjoy. 

Body Scrub is known to be the “facial for your body” as it boasts similar benefits. The goal of this body treatment is to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, leaving the area soft, radiant, and healthy.

What Happens During a Body Scrub

Is the process of body scrub still not clear to you? How about its difference from a body mask? Here’s a more detailed piece of content that will help you understand the process:

1. Body Treatment Orientation

Before the actual treatment, your esthetician or therapist will inform you something about the product and procedure. If you have questions in mind or some clarifications, make sure to talk to them. It is their responsibility to make you comfortable even before the treatment starts. 

2. Strip Down to Your Body Scrub Attire

Day Spas have different requirements when it comes to the right clothing. Some may offer disposable underwear, but all will require ladies to cover their breasts with a towel. 

3. Get Exfoliated

Since this process can be very invigorating, you must be comfortable in your current position. The therapist will use either salt or sugar to rub, scrub, and massage your body section by section. It will start with the one side of the back, sliding down to the rest of your body.

4. Get Rinsed

The therapist will advise you to take a shower to gently wash away all the exfoliating products on your body. Some spas offer body scrub and body mask separately. If both are part of the day spa’s body treatment package, they will now change the table sheets while you’re at the shower. 

5. Get Moisturized

The process after body scrub where the therapist will dry yours from head to toe. They will apply lotion, oil, cream, clay, honey or yogurt to extend the effects of the body scrub. You’ll be going home restoring your radiance after this treatment.

Benefits of Body Scrub

As the largest organ of your body, it is a must to take care of our skin. With Sydney known for its extreme weather conditions, it is our skin that will for sure suffer. This treatment though, is not advisable when you have sunburn because the constant rubbing can irritate the skin. 

One of the primary benefits of body scrub is that it removes dead skin cells, which promotes softer and better skin. But it doesn’t end there, here’s a list of some more.

1. Lessens the frequency of acne

Do you have sensitive skin and want those crazy breakouts to end? The cell turnover speeds up when you have a regular body scrub. New cells will now surface, resulting in better skin, free of acne, rough patches, and other issues.

2. Raises the level of collagen production

The constant scrubbing will allow new skin cells to emerge. Because of this action, there will be a cell turnover rate increase such as collagen. According to Healthline, they play a big role in strengthening skin, especially in hydration and elasticity. We are not getting any younger, the best way to avoid dry skin is by having this body treatment.

3. Cleans Usually Neglected Areas

Is your skin feeling weird on your elbows? How about between your toes and thigh fold? When you have a body scrub, these areas will not be taken for granted. Your therapist will apply your preferred product to every part of your body, leaving every corner baby soft. 

4. Improves blood circulation

The combination of different strokes and pressure can offer the same benefits as a massage. When there’s a boost in blood circulation, our bodies function properly. Moreover, this can also result in better cell growth which results in healthier skin.

5. Boosts Mood and Confidence

It’s quite clear that having a body scrub will help improve your skin. The effect of having one will be big when it comes to your confidence. When you acquire this attitude, mood and productivity will also get a boost.

6. Reduces Stress

The busy life in Sydney may cause stress to a lot of people. One of the ways to eliminate them is by having a body scrub. Just like a massage, the treatment can help your mind and body recover from a tiring work week. 

Where to find the Best Body Scrub in Sydney

While massage and facial treatments are two cornerstones of Sydney day spas, body treatments such as body scrub are beginning to take over. With benefits that combine both treatments, convincing your clients, male or female, will not be as hard.

There are many day spas in Sydney that offer a body scrub, but Zen Day Spa in Potts Point has all the services that can maximise your experience. Aside from our friendly staff and excellent therapists, you are also welcome to customise your preferred treatments. If you want to add a body scrub, massage or facial after the body scrub, you are free to do so. Kindly click on the chat bubble below to talk to our customer service team or email us at sales@zendayspa.com.au.

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