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Known as the professional’s choice, Dermalogica products aim to re-classify skin care s a health issue and not as a cosmetic concern. As Sydney’s most trusted skincare brand for the past few years, it has helped countless women in solving skin problems. It redefined how Australian women view skin health.

If you are looking for a one on one skincare consultation, we are offering them via direct message. Be sure to like and follow our social media accounts – Facebook and Instagram – and talk to experts. Not only that, we are now also accepting orders through the mentioned accounts. Do you want a better news? Valued clients like can call us for purchase and receive 20% off! Dial 02 9361 4200 today!

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Our pampering treatments include Dermalogica facials, which has been a hit for our loyal and valued clients. They love how we use Australia’s most trusted product for their facial treatments. Our aestheticians will not just do your facial, but will also help you understand your skin conditions. If you have any key concerns, feel free to discuss it with them. They are aware that every skin is unique, and will be responsible for guiding you to achieve your best skin.

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Where to Find Dermalogica products?

For lots of first-time buyers, the question to ask is where can I find Dermalogica products? If you are looking for a physical store in Sydney, you should first double-check if they are official retailers of Dermalogica. You can find one in Potts Point, located just a few minutes away from the Kings Cross Station. We are called Zen Day Spa, which happens to be home to the best massages, facials, and body treatments in Sydney. If you want to buy them online, you may click any of the products above to proceed with the purchasing process.

How much are Dermalogica products?

Here at Zen Day Spa, for our current Dermalogica products available, the range is from $18 to $281. Those priced at the more expensive side are usually Dermalogica kits. 

Even though these products are unmatched in producing the best results, it is a must to consult a skin expert first. It’s because some products may not be compatible with your skin condition, and could result in complications. Once cleared and good to go, shop online, or visit a physical store. The best-sellers are Active Moist, Microfoliant, Ultra Calming Cleanser, Age Smart, and Exfoliant.

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