Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Day Spa Packages in Sydney

After tiring wedding preparations, you both deserve to have a pampering day at the spa. Get a luxurious wedding spa package or avail Zen Day Spa’s gift voucher. The best Sydney CBD Day Spa offers the most romantic wedding day spa packages for the bride and groom to be will surely enjoy.

What are you waiting for? Why not spoil them with a truly pampering spa experience at Zen Day Spa, where we have selected the most luxurious treatments for you to choose from.

Your wedding day is drawing near and Zen Day Spa wants you to look and feel the most beautiful and handsome bride and groom. Check out the reasons why every couple needs to avail our pre-wedding package before their big day.

Pre-Wedding Stress Reliever

The amount of work needed to come up with an amazing celebration is a no joke, you might not feel the stress, but your friends see it. Why not try our Wedding Day Spa packages that involve the most relaxing couples Swedish massage, facial and shoulder massage, and aromatherapy spa bath. There are other options that you might like below. Contact us and let’s set this trip to the best Day Spa in Sydney.

Remove Pre-Wedding Jitters

You have the biggest day of your life coming up, everything is falling according to plan – but you still can’t stop thinking of the things that may get wrong? Here’s one thing you really need – a refreshing day at the spa.

Let those worries fade away and give yourself a breather by having a pampering session. You can surprise your future wife or husband with a gift voucher and use it to avail our wedding day spa packages below.

Through a combination of Yoghurt Body Wrap with Head Massage, Spa Bath and Aroma Salts Body Exfoliation – ready to say goodbye to those pre-wedding jitters.

Look and feel best on your Wedding Day

A lot of unneeded stress pile up from wedding preparations. This might affect the way you look, and you don’t need that on your wedding day!

Time to treat yourself, or surprise the bride or groom to be with a rejuvenating day at the spa. This extra pampering will do wonders to your overall look. With our hot stone and facial massage, you’ll experience better blood flow – resulting in a healthy and radiant looking face. This will also result in better sleep, which will improve your mood and mindset – eventually illuminating your appearance from within.

With our luxurious rooms, friendly staff and world class massage and other treatments, you’ll never regret choosing our Wedding Spa Packages and Gift Idea.


30 Minutes Aromatic Sea Salts Body Scrub
30 Minutes Moisturising Yogurt Body Mask

$140 | 1 HR


60 Minutes Zen Hot Oil Massage
75 Minutes Absolute-Hydration Facial

$220 | 2 HRS 15 MIN


60 Minutes Couples Hot Oil Massage
15 Minutes Head & Scalp Massage

$250  for two | 1 HR 15 MIN


45 Minutes Couples Hot Oil Massage
45 Minutes Skin Refining Facial 

$300  for two | 1 HR 30 MIN


75 Minutes Couples Aromatherapy Massage
30 Minutes Express Facial

$348  for two | 1 HR 45 MIN


30 Minutes Aromatic Sea Salts Body Scrub
30 Minutes Moisturizing Yogurt Body Mask
60 Minutes Couples Relaxation Massage 

$385  for two | 2 HRS
*Some conditions are not suitable for massage therapies. Please speak to your doctor about any health concerns you may have before making an appointment.
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