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Best Massage in Sydney

Best Massage in Sydney

Sydney Massage CBD - Zen Day Spa

Looking for the best massage experience in Sydney? Discover Zen Day Spa, where we’ve been perfecting the art of relaxation for over two decades. Our wide range of massage treatments, all highly rated by our delighted clients, are tailored to your needs. 

Our success is driven by our exceptional massage therapists and luxurious treatment rooms, ensuring an unparalleled spa experience. Join us and see why our guests love returning to the top-rated massage spa in Sydney!

Massage Treatments We Offer

Are you in the Sydney CBD and searching for the perfect massage to bring you the relief you need? Discover our range of rejuvenating massage treatments below:



Hot stones stimulate blood circulation and the transport of oxygen to tired and tense muscles. This ultimate full body massage will restore balance to tired, overworked muscles and limbs, leaving you relaxed and tension free


Relaxation Massage

A traditional massage with light to medium pressure that incorporates rhythmic kneading techniques to target tension zones. Often categorised as a Swedish massage, this is the perfect treatment for a first-timer.



Gentle massage for mother-to-be to address the physical discomforts during pregnancy, making it the perfect remedy for easing back pain, shifting fluid retention and promoting a state of calm and optimal well being.



This full body massage helps to release tension held in every part of the body, leaving you feeling relaxed and re-charged. Blends of aromatic essential oils are personally selected to suit each individual’s needs



A traditional massage with medium to firm pressure, that combines our signature blends of warm oil with deep muscle manipulation to unravel muscular tension, improve tissue vascularization and enhance circulation



A growing type of Sydney massage that focuses on deeper layers of the muscle tissue. It uses long strokes and strong finger pressure to release chronic patterns of tension in your body. The perfect treatment for a better posture and to avoid injuries.



Experience a physical and mental detox with the Japanese healing technique. Our therapist is able to release blockages and restore balance to energy flows through channeling energy into your body. Together with gentle oil massage, this treatment helps promote mental clarity and inner peace, while reducing stress and other physical discomforts. Our Reiki therapist, Kayo was born and raised in the Reiki family attuned by her great grandmother, who was a Reiki Master in Japan. Being the fourth generation, Kayo is not only a qualified Reiki therapist, but also a certified massage therapist with over eight years of experience.



A firm massage style that helps relieve specific musculoskeletal problems related in injuries, chronic muscle tension, or painful muscle spasms that can refer pain to other areas of your body. Our massage therapists are registered with all major Private Health Fund including AHM, ARHG, Australian Unity, BUPA, CBHS Health Fund Ltd, Doctors Fund, GU Health, HBF, HCF, Medibank Private, NIB and WorkSafe Victoria. Please request a therapist matched to your health fund at time of booking.



Among all the massage treatments in Potts Point - neck, back, and shoulder are the perfect add-on treatment to reduce tension and chronic pain. Avail this if you want to avoid the most common problem after a long and tiring at work.



Regular treatment to help you avoid extreme headaches. You’ll need a relaxing Sydney head massage and scalp treatment designed to stimulate pressure points and increase blood flow to scalp and hair.



Are you experiencing a swollen foot because of walking all day? You might not regret the things you bought at the mall, but the pain it left is. Have the best foot massage in Potts Point, Sydney - perfect pampering to enhance circulation and enliven tired and aching feet.

Massage Reviews

Why Customers Love our Massage Treatments

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Massage Customization

Experience the ultimate in personalized relaxation with our bespoke massage treatments. Zen Day Spa understands that every individual is unique, so we customize each massage as part of our spa treatments to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you seek deep tissue relief, soothing aromatherapy, or a gentle Swedish massage, our skilled therapists will tailor the session to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness. Indulge in a truly personalized spa experience and feel the difference that customized care can make.

Massage Therapist Credentials


Cynthya has been a senior therapist at Zen Day Spa since 2018, specializing in Remedial, Deep Tissue, and Pregnancy Massage. She holds a Remedial Massage Therapist qualification from TAFE NSW Meadowbank, a leading training center in Australia. 

With a background as a Physiotherapist in Peru, where she also earned her diploma, Cynthya brings a wealth of expertise to her role. She is fluent in both Spanish and English and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Nursing at Australian Catholic University.


Mariko has provided exceptional Remedial Massage services at Zen Day Spa since 2015. With several years of experience as a massage therapist in Japan, she has also worked in massage and chiropractic clinics and provided corporate massage in Sydney. Fluent in English and Japanese, Mariko is available every Thursday and Sunday to offer her expert Remedial Massage services.

Massage Room Facilities

Zen Day Spa is an oasis of tranquility and urban sanctuary in the heart of Potts Point with four Zen-inspired treatment rooms and one couple suite, perfect for individuals and couples to experience a perfectly balanced and nourishing spa experience. 

We also offer a variety of massage and facial treatments, allowing you to share the happiness and create memorable moments with a group of friends. Relax, Renew, and Revive at Zen Day Spa for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit. 

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