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is neck massage safe during pregnancy

One of the unavoidable things to feel during pregnancy is pain. Tensions pile up in different parts, but it’s felt mostly in the neck, shoulder, and lower back. Yes, a neck massage is safe to relieve some of the aches and pains. But it is a must to consult an expert first and wait for the green light. Once your doctor allows you, ask your husband to carefully perform a neck massage or contact your nearest day spa in Sydney and book the said treatment.

Yes, a neck massage is safe to relieve some of the aches and pains. But it is a must to consult an expert first and wait for the green light.

Neck Pains During Pregnancy

Are you one of those who are unaware of why neck pains exist during pregnancy? There are many reasons why. One of which is the natural hormonal changes that happen when you are pregnant. Another one is the sudden change of posture because of the belly growth. Here are specific reasons why neck pains occur during pregnancy. 

Increased Production of Hormones

When you’re pregnant, it is natural for the body to release more progestin and relaxin. Both of these hormones cause the relaxation of muscles and ligaments. This mostly results in a weakening in muscles in the neck area and causes that unwanted tension. 

Changes in Posture

There’s no denying that a woman’s posture is affected once their belly grows. Various parts of your body such as the neck and shoulder will carry the weight of the changes. As a result, tensions in those areas will build up. 

One of the ways to combat these is to watch your posture. Even though it’s hard, you must be conscious of the alignment of your spine. Because maintaining your good posture alone can avoid neck and shoulder pains.

Limited Movements

Staying in the same position is probably one of the best ways to avoid pain. Pregnant women are advised to sleep in a particular position, which leads to stiffness of certain body parts. One of which is the neck, a body part that ones become stiff, pain follows. 

The easiest way to avoid them is to try to make small movements. If you have time, go for a short walk and not just stay in one position for a long time. Try to increase your mobility even at a slow pace. You will eventually feel the effect of your small movements during the later stages of pregnancy. Neck pains will not be as severe, and you can simultaneously take care of your body too. Exercises are also an effective way to lessen neck and shoulder pains, but be sure to ask your doctor first.  

Is Neck Massage a Good Remedy?

Yes, experts say a neck massage is an effective treatment to get rid of the stiff muscles and pain. Massage, in general, can help loosen muscles and increase blood flow. After having a neck massage, expect an immense relief which will eventually improve your mood, lower anxiety, and better sleep. A feeling that is generally perfect for a woman who is carrying a tremendous weight in her tummy. Even if you’re not pregnant, a massage the treatment you need to eliminate the stress in your neck, shoulder, and lower back.

Is Neck Massage Dangerous for Pregnant Women?

Are neck massages generally safe? Yes, they are not dangerous to pregnant women. They shower countless benefits, making every pregnancy bearable. But some techniques may cause contractions and premature labor. It must be a part of your checklist to ask your doctor about having a massage. If he allows you to do so, it’s time to schedule one.

Before going to the day spa, the therapist might ask you about your pre-existing conditions. Though the neck massage and other treatments are safe, there are still risks that they should consider. If you are on your first trimester, there are day spas that do not allow such treatments. The increase in blood flow might be harmful and can cause a miscarriage. Moreover, if you have other medical concerns such as high blood pressure not controlled by medication and high-risk pregnancy concerns, a massage might not be a good idea as well.

Exercises to Lessen Neck Pain

There are many ways to avoid neck pain. Aside from having a neck massage on yourself, you can try doing different neck stretches that guarantee relief. With our busy schedule, we can’t afford to schedule an appointment and have a neck massage, so here are some stretching exercises that can help you according to Doctor Jo.


For this stretching exercise, you rotate your head and pause 2-3 seconds on each side. By keeping my muscles moving, you will feel a sense of relief.

Side Bending

Put your ear towards your shoulder. As much as possible avoid any movement from your shoulders. Make your ear touch them, or do the nearest your body can allow. Hold it 3-5 seconds on each site. Please take note that the head should be a neutral position to achieve the stretching the can help lessen neck pain.

Chin Tuck

Who cares if you look awkward when you do this stretching? It’s one of the best exercises to improve your posture. To do this, push your chin backward setting your finger as a target. Do this for 5 seconds and then come back for about 5 times. The forward movement you have will straighten back up. 

So it safe? Having a neck massage during pregnancy is not dangerous. But some therapists do not accept massage for pregnant women during their first trimester because of the possibility of miscarriage. You should consult your doctor and wait for their signal if you are allowed to have one. To be safe, try calling day spas in Sydney that offer neck, back, and shoulder massage for a pregnant woman.

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