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Head and scalp massage in Sydney is starting to be everybody’s favorite spa treatment. Nothing surprising considering the need of our body and mind because of the stress caused by the pandemic. If you are thinking of a spa getaway that is the answer to your headache and anxiety, a head and scalp massage treatment is what you need. 

The Sydney CBD is a busy area filled with people working hard for their families and themselves. Because of this, stress and other related problems may arise that can cause your body to be weak. When the body is weak, the brain doesn’t function well. Get back on track and be the most efficient employee by having head and scalp massage only at Zen Day Spa

To mark our 24th anniversary, we’re thrilled to introduce a fresh spa package featuring a soothing head and scalp massage! Priced at just $155, indulge in a rejuvenating 15-minute head and scalp massage alongside a luxurious 75-minute Dermalogica Absolute-Hydration Facial. It’s the perfect remedy for unwinding after a demanding work week.




75 minutes Dermalogica Absolute-Hydration Facial
15 minutes Head & Scalp Massage
$155 | 90 MINUTES
was $187 for 1 person

How Do Head Massages Work

The head area is underrated when it comes to massage treatments. Most of us think other parts need it more because they are prone to tightness, muscle spasms, and knots. What people don’t know is tension can build up in this area too. As an area close to the brain, we cannot afford to stress it as we use it mostly while working.

There’s a study that proved head massages can reduce depression symptoms and respond positively to anxiety levels. One of the findings is that participants became more lively after the head massage. If you are curious how head massages work, here are the simple steps we do at Zen Day Spa. 

  • The client lies on our massage table or sits down in a chair comfortably. They will have a towel around to catch the drips if the oil is used
  • Apply light to medium pressure as she presses the hair her hands and fingers
  • Place her hands in the client’s temple
  • Apply pressure above the eyebrow
  • Brush the hair slowly (most applicable to women)
  • Apply medium pressure with a back and forth movement
  • Massage along the side of the client’s head using all your fingers and thumbs
  • Do this on the agreed time limit

If you have no time to visit a spa, you can do this yourself or with someone at home. But if you want to feel the maximum benefits of a head massage, book yourself with treatment to your most loved day spa.

Benefits of Head Massage

Headaches are one of the most common minor health problems people experience. With our loaded schedule, it is our head that usually feels the stress and tension. What we need is a head massage as it gives an instant sense of relief. More than that, it also blood circulation to your scalp and strengthens your hair. With its immense positive contribution to our health, it’s to find out the specific reasons why you should have a head massage regularly.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Scalp massage is often the partner of head massage in most of the day spas in Sydney.  Did you know it has a positive effect on a person’s blood pressure? A study conducted in 2016 about “the effect of a scalp massage on stress hormone, blood pressure and heart rate of healthy females” has proven this. If you have problems with your blood pressure and stress, having a head and scalp massage can truly help.

Lessens Migraine Tendencies

Among the working class, no one has escaped the pain brought by headaches. Whether it is a simple headache or a migraine, we have all experienced it throughout our life. This happens when tension builds up from the upper back, neck to the head. The unbearable pain affects our mood and productivity. A head massage usually applies pressure to specific points, which feels nothing but perfectly soothing. The light pressure, mostly in a circular motion, will also improve blood flow to the brain.

Promotes Better Sleep

Some people struggle with their sleep because of many things. Reasons can include overthinking, a problem when it comes to comfort, or simply, insomnia. Having a head massage can give these people instant relief. As a result, it becomes easier for them to sleep and have a better mood the day after.  

Reduces Stress

It has become apparent that stress is inevitable these days. With the pandemic ongoing, Australians and people around the world are experiencing problems with their mental well-being. A head massage can solve these problems and reduce the stress you’re feeling. The process of this treatment will give better blood circulation, which results in a calmer mind. When you have a more relaxed mind, you’ll think freely and eventually lower stress tendencies. 

Is There a Proper Way To Do Scalp Massage?

There’s no better feeling than after a scalp massage treatment. You can do it yourself or let a professional handle it at a salon or day spa. There’s one proper and simple way to do a scalp massage. Use your fingertips both hands to apply pressure to your scalp. Whether it is light or medium depends on your comfortability. Slowly move them in a circular motion and cover all areas near your scalp. The sense of relief is incomparable. You can do this several times a day.  

Are Scalp Massages Good for Your Hair?

A study by Koyama, T. and other researchers (2016) showed a significant increase in hair thickness at 24 weeks compared to the initiation point of scalp massage. A great sign that scalp massage has positive effects. When a person receives a scalp massage, expect better blood circulation in the said area. This creates a good environment for healthy growth, which means healthier hair will grow out of your scalp.

Book Our Head and Scalp Massage today!

Stop asking for head and scalp massage near me online if you are in the Potts Point or Sydney CBD area. Because Zen Day Spa is ready to give the best head and scalp massage in Sydney. If you want another spa treatment to follow this, you are free to do so. Just inform our customer service team online or the spa concierge team. They will make sure to grant your requests. 

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to your health as our day spa is marked Covid19 -safe. We strictly follow all the protocols to make sure our space is clean and virus-free. Come and visit our Potts Point day spa today and enjoy our head and scalp massage! 

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