Address Unit: 7/91-93 Macleay St., Potts Point.

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Gone are the days when only salons offer head and scalp massage in Sydney CBD. As the years go by, more and more spas in included head and scalp massage as one of their treatment offers. Stimulating pressure points, relaxing the mind and improve blood circulation, this massage treatment has become popular across Sydney.



What Happens During A Head and Scalp Massage?​

As one of the in demand types of massage, it is a must for everyone to know what usually happens during this treatment. When your scalp is massage, the rest of your entire being is relaxed. Here are the steps in a common head and scalp massage according to Galaxy Dreaming:

  • Press the hair with your hands and fingers
  • Place your hands in the of the client’s temple
  • Apply pressure above the eyebrow
  • Brush the hair slowly (most applicable to women)
  • Place your index and middle finger to both client’s ear
  • Apply medium pressure with a back and forth movement
  • Massage along the side of the client’s head using all your fingers and thumbs
  • Cover the entire head, not just one part

Zen Day Spa’s top priority is to cater to the needs of the customers. That’s why, like any other massage treatments, please inform our therapist about your preferred pressure. Since some of the customers are first-timers, it is important to know if they want their head and scalp massage on the gentler or firmer side. 

Benefits of Head and Scalp Massage

It is not all about relaxation. This type of massage has tons of benefits that will convince you to try it as soon as possible. It has a spillover effect, meaning the relief does not only focus on a specific part but all over your body.

Head and Scalp Massage can increase blood flow, strengthening your hair follicles. It is an effect that will aid in faster hair growth and avoidance of hair loss. Moreover, this massage also helps boost your mood and decrease stress. With all the distractions around, we all need something to increase our productivity – having a head, and scalp massage can help.

A Perfect Couples Massage

If you plan to have a head and scalp massage with your special someone – we have a package specifically made for you. Our Lovers Recharge offer is composed of an hour of hot oil massage and a 15-minute head and scalp massage. Indeed, a perfect time for both of you to reconnect and strengthen your ongoing relationship with the best Sydney day spa.

Why not avail of our Spa Gift Vouchers and use this for more of our treatments and services. You can use this to surprise your girlfriend or wife and have an hour or two together at the spa. Our therapists, massage rooms, and other services will not disappoint you and will grant you an unforgettable spa experience. 

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