Address Unit: 7/91-93 Macleay St., Potts Point.

Deep Tissue Massage Sydney CBD
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In the search for the best day spa that offers a deep tissue massage near you, then you might just find the one. Zen Day Spa is located in Potts Point, just 2 kilometers east of the Sydney central district. Known for its nightlife and crafty vendors and food stalls, you’ll never regret going here after a long day. Get ready for the best deep tissue massage in Sydney CBD!


$70.00 – $128.00

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage uses firm slower strokes to release deeper layers of muscle and fascia in the body. Perfect for people who usually sport injuries because of their active lifestyle, this is has become a popular treatment for a lot of Australians. 

The therapists usually use their forearms and elbows to unwind knots from your sore and stiff muscles. Aside from that, it also helps release chronic tension and increase blood flow, which we all need after a busy and tiring day. 

Recover fast with our highly skilled Therapists

When there’s an involvement of deeper trigger points and intense muscle tension, every customer must request for a highly skilled therapist. Just like in a remedial massage, the massage technique will involve more strength and pressure. That’s why the need for consulting your therapist before the actual process is important. They will anchor their deep tissue technique according to your condition.

Main Difference between Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage

These two types of massage therapies are always placed side by side because they use very similar strokes. But what makes one different from the other. One of the most obvious differences is pressure. Swedish Massage is more on the gentler side, while Deep Tissue Massage applies increased pressure. 

Another notable difference between the two is their targets – deep tissue massage focuses on the inner layers of the muscles while Swedish Massage is more on the superficial layers of the muscles such as shoulders, neck and the back. 

If you want to treat chronic pain muscles, sports-related injuries, stiffness in your joints and tendon injuries, deep tissue massage is perfect for you! While if you prefer to de-stress or rejuvenate, relax your tensioned muscles, then choose a Swedish Massage.

Deep tissue massage and Swedish massage are two different types of massage therapy. Both use some of the same strokes, but they have different uses and vary greatly when it comes to the amount of pressure used.

Purchase a Spa Gift Voucher

Surprise a loved one or buy yourself a spa gift voucher which you can use to avail our exclusive deals and offers.  Not only you can enjoy our top-notch services from our massage therapists, but you will also appreciate the relaxing vibe of our massage rooms. Time to let go of those aches and pains and choose Zen Day Spa for massage treatments!

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