hot oil full body massage sydney
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After battling it through a hectic day, you deserve nothing but the most relaxing hot oil full body massage in Sydney CBD. An experience sure to untangle all the knots and tense muscles on your body, going to your nearest day spa will be one of the better decisions of your life.

Knowing the benefits of a full body massage will inspire you to take care of your body and pay a regular visit to your favourite day spa. At Zen Day Spa, we make sure our customers are more than satisfied with their experiences. From the friendly staff, skilled therapist to world-class services, you’ll never regret choosing us for your pampering needs. 


$70.00 – $128.00

Why You Need a Full Body Massage?

Thinking of what’s the best massage treatment for your overworked body? A hot oil full body massage is one of the better options which you can avail at the best day spa in Sydney. Choosing this will benefit both your skin and well-being. 

Aren’t we all wishing for soft and smooth skin? As we grow up and face a lot of responsibilities, maintaining a beautiful skin will be quite a challenge. Thanks to our hot oil full body massage, achieving your dream skin will be more manageable. The use of normal warm oil aids for better skin texture and prevents aging effects. Not only that, our skin nightmares, dryness, and scaling can be reduced effectively by this type of massage. 

Good sleep is what we dream of to function productively at home and work. Zen Day Spa’s hot oil full body massage is your answer to improve your sleep and well being. It has a calming effect that nourishes our brain and nerves, erasing all our worries, a result we all need to stay away from anxiety.

Hot Oil Full Body Massage for Couples

Joined by the person you love during a full body massage is what they call “couple goals” for a lot of people. Relaxing together with your favoUrite pampering service will release all the negative energy from your body that will result in a long-lasting relationship. Our couples day spa packages include what we call a Lovers Recharge. A perfect offer for couples who loves both a hot oil full body massage and head & scalp massage. 

Avail our Spa Gift Voucher

You’ll never go wrong in surprising someone with a Spa Gift Voucher. With all the errands we need to attend to, and list of tasks that don’t seem to end, having a pampering session will be a huge boost to our mood and productivity. For more information, call us at (02) 9361 4200 or email us at

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