Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Giving back is the least we can do for our hard working mums. Here’s a list of mother’s day gift ideas that will make the hunt easier for you. We compiled our mother’s day spa packages composed of pampering treatments that will make them feel like a queen. 


This full body massage helps to release tension held in every part of the body, leaving you feeling relaxed and re-charged. Blends of aromatic essential oils are personally selected to suit each individual’s needs

$108 | 1 HR


Hot stones stimulate blood circulation and the transport of oxygen to tired and tense muscles. This ultimate full body massage will restore balance to tired, overworked muscles and limbs, leaving you relaxed and tension free

$125 | 1 HR


Designed to combat early signs of skin aging, this unique facial treatment can instantly reduce the appearance of tine lines and revive a youthful radiance to your complexion

$115 | 1 HR


A comprehensive treatment that restores optimum hydration of skin within, leaving it plumped, soft and revived. To complement the treatment, a luxury Contour Mask is applied while you snooze to a deeply relaxing shoulder massage.

$130 | 1 HR 15 MIN


45 Minutes Relaxation Massage
45 Minutes Skin Refining Facial

$150 | 1HR 30 MIN


60 minutes Zen Hot Oil Massage
75 minutes Absolute-Hydration Facial

$220 | 2 HRS 15 MIN


60 Minutes Zen Hot Stone Massage
60 Minutes Rejuvenating Facial
30 Minutes Express Manicure
30 Minutes Express Pedicure

$295 | 3 HRS

Mother’s Day Massage Customised For You

A mother’s day gift idea at the spa will never be complete without a relaxing mother’s day massage. With its overwhelming benefits on our physical, mental and emotional health, having this will only help every mum in Sydney. 

Your hard-earned money will never be put into waste when your mum benefits from it. Plan your surprise this Mother’s Day, and don’t forget to book an appointment at Zen Day Spa. We have excellent massage therapists who will make you feel at home. They will proudly share all the benefits of having a massage such as better sleep, relieves stress, and boost overall health.

Facial Treatments as a Mother's Day Gift

Every mum deserves to have their time off. Why not surprise them with a booked date at the spa with a facial treatment waiting this mother’s day. Our facial treatments only use the most trusted products in Australia such as Dermalogica, to ensure the best results. 

Aim to make her special day truly memorable. Your mum, wife, or partner will enjoy the benefits of having a rejuvenating facial from Zen Day Spa. Before the treatment, our aesthetician will explain the procedure of your chosen facial plus its benefits. A facial treatment will aid slow down the aging process and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Who doesn’t want a woman with boosted confidence because of their radiant and healthy skin? Don’t forget to add this to your mother’s day plans, and we promise you’ll never regret it. 

Mother's Day Present: Spa Gift Vouchers

Express your love and appreciation to your mum by spoiling her with a spa gift voucher. You have the choice to specify a mother’s day spa package or an open value from AUD 50 to AUD 400. The latter will give the recipient the freedom to choose her pampering treatments. Visit this page to know more about our spa gift vouchers.

What Makes Celebrating Mother’s Day in Sydney Special

People around the world have different ways of celebrating Mother’s Day. What makes here in Sydney special is the overwhelming amount of experience she can try. If you happen to be in Sydney with your mum during the said day, you are in for a marvelous experience. 

Majestic parks that are open to the public are a great choice to spend Mother’s Day 2020, especially if you’re on a budget. We have the best street foods which you can try while enjoying the beauty of nature. If you have planned this and have enough money, you can spend it with the best dinner spots found in CBD. Here’s a list you can browse through of the fanciest restaurants in the area.

Is mother-daughter bonding part of your Mother’s Day 2020 activities? Then visit us near the Kings Cross station in Potts Point and have your much awaited pampering bonding experience.

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