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The best foot massage in the Sydney City CBD area is what we all need after a day full of responsibilities. Trying to accomplish every errand, a long day at the malls with your kids or simply after a general cleaning at home are big tasks. Hearing them makes our body exhausted already.

If you happen to live or work within the Sydney CBD area, there’s no point in asking about the nearest foot massage near me, because Zen Day Spa offers one of the most relaxing foot massages you’ll ever experience.



Foot Massage and its Benefits

For the part of our body that bears the whole body weight, our feet deserves it’s time to relax. It is time to pay back to one of the least pampered parts of our body. They are equally valuable as our other body parts, in fact, a regular foot massage will help our physiological and physical health. 

One of the benefits of foot massage is it helps improve feelings of our general being. After a long day at work and hours of commute, our feet tend to swell up. A relaxing foot massage can help the swelling to decrease, and eventually improve our mood. 

Other standout benefits of this famous massage include:

  • Improvement of Blood Circulation
  • Promotes Better Sleep
  • Avoid Headaches and Migraines
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries

Skilled Therapists and Friendly Staff

Your day spa experience will be a notch higher with our skilled and friendly therapists. They will make sure your time at the best day spa in Sydney will not be boring. After such an exhausting day, what you need is a relaxing foot massage and good vibes from the people around you. Our staff welcoming you the biggest smile will add to the positivity. 

The Perfect Partner of a Foot Massage

Make your time at the spa worth it and avail other services that will relax, renew, and review your being. Aside from a foot massage, why not go for other treatments such as our neck, back and shoulder massage too. Almost equivalent to a full body massage, spending an hour with those treatments will allow your body to get back to its most active state – resulting in an improved mood, boost in productivity, and a refreshing outlook in life. 

A Spa Gift Voucher To Grant A Wish

Time to give back and grant someone’s wish by surprising him or her with a Spa Gift Voucher. You’ll surely receive a genuine happy reaction once they know it came from you. With our busy lives, an hour at the spa is our much needed time off from all the stress. A space that we all need to get our lives together and face the future with more confidence and energy. 

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