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The Day Spa Packages in Sydney You Deserve

If you are looking for best Day Spa Packages in Sydney, then Zen Day Spa will surely not disappoint you. We have special packages perfectly suited for males, females and even the mothers-to-be. Don’t forget that amidst all our responsibilities, we deserve the most relaxing massage and have some time to take care of ourselves.

Rejuvenating Day Spa Packages in Sydney

Whether you’re a male or a female, we can’t stress the importance of self-care. Despite your busy schedule and endless to-do list, you must learn to reward yourself with a relaxing treat. After all, we assure you that a trip to Zen Day Spa will not only improve your physical health but emotional health as well.

We have the most welcoming staff ready to greet you with the biggest smile. Not only that, we have well-trained and friendly therapists that will give you the best massage of your life.

Relaxing Day Spa Experience for Males

For every male who wants to have alone time and have a break from the busy world, this is probably the perfect gift for yourself. Truly one of the best day spa packages in Sydney – solid 45 minutes of Swedish Massage and another 45 minutes Facial Treatment will guarantee extreme relaxation. 

During the process, it will give you enough time to reflect and forget all the problems at the back of your mind. Other day spa packages are listed below, and we’re sure you can find one for you.

Absolute Pampering Packages for Females

Don’t ever feel guilty when you think of something nice for yourself. You are not a superwoman. You need to relax for once and rebuild the energy you need to face the upcoming challenges. Apply the “treat yourself” mantra and bring yourself to Zen Day Spa.

You can explore from all our day spa packages below. From shoulder massage, hot stone massage to an ultra calming facial, the time you will be spending at the spa will reduce stress and boost your mood. Your level of productivity will increase, and we are sure your family, friends, and colleagues will notice it.

If this gave you a birthday gift idea to your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend, then we’re waiting for you to surprise them with a trip at Zen Day Spa. You can start by surprising them with a Gift Voucher.

Pregnancy Massage for the Mother-to-be

Your favourite Day Spa in Sydney offers a pregnancy massage and a detoxifying facial. Our therapists are trained and will take care of you every step of the way. After your session, you will feel an improvement from your back and joint pain. Muscle tensions and headaches will surely go away. And most importantly, you wave goodbye to stress and say hello to better sleep.

More of our Day Spa Packages are found below! Don’t forget to message us if one more interests you. We have an accommodating customer service team willing to take note of your pampering needs.

Why Zen Day Offers The Best Day Spa Packages in Sydney?

Founded in 2000, Zen Day Spa has always impressed its clients for offering day spa packages that include professional and therapeutic treatments. These include relaxing massages and rejuvenating facials where we use high-quality products such as Dermalogica and O’Cosmedics

Every package is a product of intense brainstorming, where we took into consideration the suggestions of our valued customers. We assure that every day spa package will cover your favourites and our staple offers. 


30 Minutes Aromatic Sea Salts Body Scrub
30 Minutes Moisturising Yogurt Body Mask

$140 | 1 HR


45 Minutes Relaxation Massage
45 Minutes Skin Refining Facial

$150 | 1 HR 30 MIN


45 Minutes Pregnancy Massage
45 Minutes Skin Refining Facial

$150 | 1 HR 30 MIN


60 Minutes Relaxation Massage
60 Minutes Rejuvenating Facial

$186 | 2 HRS


60 Minutes Relaxation Massage
30 Minutes Express Manicure
30 Minutes Express Pedicure

$190 | 2 HRS


60 minutes Zen Hot Oil Massage
75 minutes Absolute-Hydration Facial

$220 | 2 HRS 15 MIN


60 Minutes Zen Hot Stone Massage
60 Minutes Rejuvenating Facial
30 Minutes Express Manicure
30 Minutes Express Pedicure

$295 | 3 HRS


30 Minutes Aromatic Sea Salts Body Scrub
30 Minutes Moisturising Yogurt Body Mask
60 Minutes Ultimate Aromatherapy Massage
60 Minutes Ultra-Calming Facial

$355 | 3 HRS


30 Minutes Organic Sugar & Jojoba Body Scrub
30 Minutes Detoxifying Kaolin Clay Body Mask
60 Minutes Zen Hot Oil Massage
15 Minutes Head & Scalp Massage
60 Minutes Rejuvenating Facial

$385 | 3 HRS 15 MIN
*Some conditions are not suitable for massage therapies. Please speak to your doctor about any health concerns you may have before making an appointment

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