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There are lots of Hot Stone Massage in Sydney CBD, but we guarantee you nothing but complete relaxation with our version. No doubt we call this our signature massage as it has become the staple treatment of our loyal customers after a tiring week.

Known to be the luxurious remedy to tight muscles and knots, Hot Stone Massage in Sydney CBD is the treatment you need to let go of all the stress in the world. And with Zen Day Spa, we will make sure you’ll have the most rejuvenating experience with our flawless services and facilities.


$125.00 – $175.00

Why It’s Called A Hot Stone Massage?

There’s gotta be a reason it’s called Hot Stone Massage – and it’s obviously because of the heated stones used during the treatment. But it’s more than that. When placed on of your body, these stones will relax every tense muscle, helping avoid having damaged soft tissues throughout your body.

Every hot massage stones are heated to between 130 and 145 degrees according to University of New Hampshire Health Services. They may be placed to any of the following:

  • Along both sides of the spine
  • On your chest
  • In the palms of your hand
  • On your feet and toes
  • On Your stomach and abdomen

What to Expect During Hot Stone Massage?

After placing the stones, the therapist will wait for a few minutes for the heat to take over the towel. Once you discern if they are in the right temperature, the therapist will now apply massage oil to your skin. 

While you hold stones with both your hands, the therapist will use gliding movements to move the stones along your tense muscles. Relaxing massage strokes are applied to ease all the aches and pains, leaving your muscles loose and relaxed. The process will take place from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the agreed time with the therapist. 

Can You Get A Hot Stone Massage While Pregnant?

If you are familiar with this type of massage, it is performed with the person lying on their back or stomach. At first glance, we think it must be dangerous for a pregnant woman to have this. During the first trimester, this could not be a problem. But as the uterus grows, this may cause one because it can be felt when lying on the stomach.

For every pregnant woman, a hot stone massage or massage treatments, in general, should be only performed with your doctor’s approval. Pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, open wounds, inflamed skin, and diabetes are contraindications of hot stone massage. Meaning, try to avoid the treatment if you are experiencing such conditions. You must also take into consideration the day spa that will handle your treatment. Make sure that you are under the hands of a trained and skilled prenatal massage therapist.

Customised Massage

Just like in any other massage treatments, we will allow our customers to inform us about their condition or needs. Make sure to have an agreement with your therapist whether you want a gentler or firm massage. Here at Zen Day Spa, the comfort of our valued customers is always the top priority. 

Planning to surprise a friend, loved one or significant other with our signature hot stone massage? This spa gift voucher will surely make them the happiest.

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