Spring Renewal

Spring Renewal

spring massage sydney

Prepare to have the best spring massage in Sydney experience with your favourite Potts Point day spa. Massage, as a treatment, has tons of benefits. With spring approaching, why not find some time to relax and release all the negative energies in your body. Moreover, a spring massage is one of the best treatments to reduce your seasonal allergies. There’s nothing more perfect than scheduling a spring massage plus other treatments at this time of the year.


60 minutes Zen Hot Oil Massage
15 minutes Head & Scalp Massage
$108 | 75 MINUTES
was $140 for 1 person


45 minutes Dermalogica Skin Refining Facial
30 minutes Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage
$115 | 75 MINUTES
was $155 for 1 person

Reasons To Get a Massage in the Spring

1. Reduce Seasonal Allergies

We know how difficult it is when you suffer those seasonal allergies. It’s like a mood and momentum killer, especially if you are up to something important. Allergies come in various ways, from nasal congestion and sore throat to urticaria and itchiness. What causes these allergies during springtime are the trees. In Australia, these trees are birch, alder, cedar, horse chestnut, poplar, and willow.

For season allergy relief, having a spring massage is what you need. The treatment can help in dealing with symptoms such as congestion, puffy eyes, sneezing, coughing, and headaches. Though they can’t eliminate the allergy, managing the symptoms is already a big deal. Spring massage will help you get through the day without any distractions caused by the allergy. 

2. Mood Booster

Who doesn’t want a mood booster during spring? With our busy schedule, we need an hour or two to relax. Having a spring massage will prevent you from always feeling tired. One of the effects of the treatment is to recharge your body and clean your mental space. When you have a better mood, you will function better both at home and at work. 

3. Stress Relief

With the pandemic ongoing, stress and anxiety are becoming more rampant. Our mental health is slowly becoming affected. That’s why this is the perfect time to find ways on how to help reduce our stress and anxiety. One of the best ways to let go of them is via a massage treatment. Multiple studies already showed how massages relieve issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. 

4. Avoid Injuries

Athlete or not, massages are the way to relax and soften injured and overused muscles. With most Australians going to the gym in preparation for summer, having a spring massage can help your tensed muscles heal and recover faster. Moreover, this will help your body avoid possible injuries because of your physical activities to get back in shape before summer. 

5. Feel Refreshed During the Big Events

There are lots of exciting events during the spring. Trendspotter listed the following as something many Australians and tourists look forward to.

  • Sydney Fringe Festival
  • Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase
  • Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers
  • MindBodySpirit Festival
  • Light in the City

If you are one of those people who want to feel their best during those activities, having a spring massage will help. Prepare to relax and refresh after getting one of the best massages in Sydney. After your much-awaited treatment, you’ll enjoy every spring event with a relaxed body and improved mental space. 

Why Choose Zen Day Spa’s Spring Massage?

Located just a few minutes away from Kings Cross station, Zen Day Spa is known for its quality treatments and services. Spring massage is no exception, as we present to you our Spring Renewal Promo starting October 5th. Experience the benefits of a spring massage starting with Zen Reviver, composed of Hot Oil Massage and Head & Scalp Massage for only $108.

The second offer under the Spring Renewal Promo is the Stress Melter Ritual. Unlike the first one, this will have a facial element to it. The combination of Dermalogica Skin Refining Facial and Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage will make you feel like you’re in paradise. What’s even better is both treatments together only cost $115. For add ons, you can choose to have Organic Sugar & Jojoba Scrub and Yogurt Body Mask for $45 each. 

Aside from our incomparable ambiance, Zen Day Spa makes sure we follow strict protocols to maintain our COVID-free day spa. Health and safety are the spa’s priority not only for our staff but for our valued clients as well. Email us sales@zendayspa.com.au to avail of our latest promo or click on your preferred offer above. 

*Some conditions are not suitable for massage therapies. Please speak to your doctor about any health concerns you may have before making an appointment.

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