The Christmas season has arrived. Choose to forget all your worries and embrace the season of love and giving. Whether you’re a child or adult, the spirit of Christmas never fails to lift you up. There’s something about this season that screams positivity, and we are all for it.

The holiday season is also about the food that will be served at our dinner tables. Families and close relatives gather and update each other about their lives. But what excites a lot of people is when it’s time to exchange gifts. Why do people love giving presents at Christmas?

People around the world give presents at Christmas because it’s the perfect time to show your love and appreciation. After a long year of roller coaster emotions, it’s your turn to end it on a high note for them. You will not know the value of gifts until you receive it yourself. It uplifts your soul and injects a feeling of someone out there who cares for you.

Knowing the value of giving will invite you to search for one. And Zen Day Spa made sure to write a blog article that will feature the best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2019.  


Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

What’s the best gift for my wife? What do I buy for my girlfriend this Christmas? These are just some of the questions in every man’s wife as the holiday season approaches. Aside from Valentine’s Day and birthday, Christmas is another opportunity to impress the woman you love.

There are a variety of gifts you can give your wife, girlfriend, or female friend. Depending on their personality, you can choose from the Christmas Gift Ideas we compiled for women below:


Spa Gift Voucher

Women love to be pampered. That’s why it’s no surprise if they will like receiving a Spa Gift Voucher this Christmas. With all the services every day spa is offering, your wife or girlfriend will surely enjoy their spa experience. From massages to facial treatments, it is a guarantee that all the stress acquired before the holiday season will vanish.


Handmade Soap Collection

Women may have different personalities, but what’s natural about them is their attention to hygiene. Whatever they do, they want to look and feel clean. So why not consider a handmade soap collection as a present. They are a pleasure to use, leaving your skin feeling smooth, radiant, and healthy. No doubt, they will feel more beautiful after using this soap, thanks to this Christmas gift idea.


Unicorn Slippers

Shoes are the obvious choice when it comes to gifts for women. But why not try a different one this time? How about some cute slippers to match her shining personality. Unicorn is a creature universally loved by lots of people, especially women. Choosing this design for her slippers will make her holiday season magical.


Best Selling Book 

The holiday season means more free time. So why not surprise your wife or girlfriend with a best selling book by Dr. Susan Nolen-Hoeksema? Her book ‘Women Who Think Too Much: How to Break Free of Overthinking and Reclaim Your Life’ will remind every them to control their thoughts. With all the things happening around simultaneously, overthinking is becoming more common. 

What’s good with this book? It will teach you to stop those thoughts from ruining your life. Women are more emotional than men, and they tend to overthink, which may affect their health. After reading this book, every woman will learn to find yourself at peace at your decisions, and other things you can’t control.


Christmas Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes

When in doubt, go with something sweet. Since cakes are a bit too big, why not choose a bite-sized version – Christmas Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes. Adorned with festive Christmas cupcake toppers sure to make her smile, you’ll never regret having this as a Christmas gift. Contact the best cakes and cupcake shop in Sydney, and order one before they run out! 


Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Have you decided what to give your boyfriend this Christmas? How about the best gift to surprise your husband? If not, then you are looking at the right page! We will try our hardest to make this decision easier for you! Here are some Christmas Gift Ideas for the man you adore


Stay Cool Ice Towel

A gift that will keep his cool no matter how hot it gets – you can’t go wrong with a Stay Cool Ice Towel. If you both love traveling together or working out, this is also an ideal companion. Easy to pack, and you’ll not even notice it’s there. Have you planned a beach vacation next year, then this is also the perfect towel to bring.


6 Pack Beer Belt

Does your main guy like to drink? Why not surprise him with 6 Pack Beer Belt this holiday season. Guys may not like accessories, but this might change their minds. Imagine not queuing up anymore for your favorite drink – this is indeed a dream come true. An ideal 6 pack, especially for those, are in a constant battle against thirst.


Bluetooth Silicone Shower Speaker

Let him do his shower dance by having Bluetooth Silicone Shower Speaker as a Christmas Gift. There’s nothing more amazing than transmitting your most loved tunes from your phone to the shower. If your main husband or boyfriend loves some bubble bath, this is also a smart gift to enhance his relaxing experience.


Credit Card Power Bank

Expect for a big hug after buying him a Credit card power bank as a Christmas gift. For men, the lighter the accessory, the better. Say goodbye to bulky and heavy, and hello to this easy to bring power banks. Even females would like to have one of these, especially with the built-in cable feature, enough to keep in the pocket.


Mega Gift Voucher Sale

With tons of gift voucher sales appearing for the holiday season, why not choose one that will relax him the most. A spa Christmas gift voucher is the best present if you want him to restore his mind, body, and soul from all the stress. He can choose from a variety of massages such as Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and more. 


Cutest Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

The joy of having kids around during Christmas is incomparable. The vibe is just totally different when they are there to celebrate with you. To make them the happiest, have you tried asking yourself, what would kids want for Christmas? 

Even most of the children appreciate whatever they receive, it will not hurt if down some of Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids. You might find one that perfectly fits his or her personality below.


Dinosaur Lunchbox

Let your child roar with happiness after receiving a dinosaur-themed lunch box. As the Jurassic Park fever never fades, your kid will be proud of carrying this at school. He will be the star of the class, especially during break time!


Gear Ball Brain Teaser Puzzle

Challenge the minds of your child at an early age with the Gear Ball Brain Teaser Puzzle. A kind of game that will put his puzzle-solving skills to test but enjoying at the same time. So visit your most trusted online stores and order one for your little one today!

Adorable Dear Speaker

Most kids nowadays want to stay in the room and listen to the music they love. Instead of earphones that may cause damage to their hearing, why not surprise them with a speaker? A deer themed would be a great choice as it symbolizes harmony, happiness, and peace. Let them feel what the deer represents as they prepare for new life adventures.


Remote Control Wall Climbing Car

Kids naturally love to play. They will be ecstatic to receive a Remote Control Wall Climbing Car this holiday season. Whether the young recipient is a boy or a girl, it doesn’t matter. They will enjoy playing this anti-gravity toy, which is a trick that will surely impress them.



If your child loves to answer Sudoku on paper, he might want to take it up a notch with another element in the game. Sudokube is the latest puzzle craze that challenges not only the young ones but also the adults. Who does not want the feeling of solving a mystery that mirrors a concept of the sudoku and a Rubik’s cube?

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