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Zen Day Spa offers an extensive range of treatments all designed to help you look and feel your best. During all our skincare and spa-body therapies we use Dermalogica & O Cosmesdics, the world’s number one range of professional products. Our dedicated team will ensure you feel relaxed and pampered from the moment you walk through the door.

Make the most of your Zen experience

Prior to every facial our professionally qualified skin therapists will provide a comprehensive skin analysis so that each facial is tailor to suit your skin's needs. 

We aim to make Zen a tranquil and caring space for you. To ensure your visit is a relaxing experience you may like to read over our suggestions and tips;

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill in a consultation form and prepare your mind and body for your treatment. Mention about the skin analysis machine & mapping.
  • We ask that you turn off your mobile or switch it to silent on arrival.
  • Feel free to communicate to your therapist exactly what you’re hoping to achieve from your treatment, whether you have any sensitivities, whether you would prefer a lighter or firmer massage…etc.
  • For a Zen body treatment please use the disposable underwear provided. If you’re booked in for a massage leave your underwear on and your therapist will drape you with towels. At no time will you be fully exposed.
  • Enjoy the herbal tea, magazines and peaceful surrounds of our waiting area before or after your treatment.


Spa etiquette


  • Arrive early to fill in a consultation form and prepare your body and mind to relax; turn off your mobile phone and escape the pressures of your day.
  • Find out about parking in the neighborhood prior to your arrival.
  • Speak softly to absorb the relaxing environment, and to respect others.
  • Communicate exactly what you want from your treatment to your therapist,eg. let them know if you would prefer firmer or lighter pressure.
  • If you are having a body treatment please use the disposable underwear you are given; for a massage, leave your own underwear on. You will be draped with towels and not fully exposed at any time.
  • Use the waiting areas to enjoy the herbal tea, music and magazines to relax; treatment rooms need to be vacated after treatments.

Relax and Enjoy! This is why you came to Zen Day Spa.


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